If you’ve ever tried using Immutable.js, you’ll know it’s missing one very important thing – documentation! Sure, it claims to have documentation, but it is, quite simply, horrendous! It’s mostly auto-generated from the API’s method signatures, with virtually no examples of how to use it, and with all methods described using TypeScript – and who has time to learn another syntax just to figure out how to use a library?!

So I wrote a series of in-depth tutorials on how to use the most important Immutable objects (Map, List and Set). With examples. In actual JavaScript. Better still, JavaScript that you can edit and play around with to see what’s actually going on!






Advanced Recipes

Immutable is a really good library with some excellent features for data manipulation, and great performance under the hood. If you’ve looked at it before but were turned off by the docs, give it another go with this series of tutorials, which hopefully make things much clearer. And if, like me, you have to use it, consider this the missing Immutable manual you always wished you had!

  • Harvey Specter
    Posted at 5:56 pm Nov 4, 2018

    Thank you for this site!! Immutable would be unbearable without this site.

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